Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wild Thing, I Think I Love You

Occasionally, my camera comes through with a more than decent photo.  This one is the eye of a wild (well sort of) burro taken this past August in South Dakota.
These guys are all so adorable.
Yes, we stopped and we fed them carrots.   It was nice to see everyone doing the same thing.  Just feeding and petting and being kind to animals. 
Lots of smiles and just plain happiness.
Thanks Elleoj for being the best horse whisperer and fellow cheap wine drinker around.  Both Ms. Sartonline and I so enjoyed basking in your hostessness.

We love South Dakota!

And now on to my favorite subject of late our new Prime Minister !!!  Yes those are exclamation marks due to my extreme pleasure and pride.   I even read online (so it must be true) that "Canada is suddenly sexy".
Come on people and take a gander at our new head of state!

Monsieur Justin Trudeau
Speaking to the Star’s editorial board on Friday, Justin Trudeau acknowledged the need for Liberals to develop “really big, strong ideas” for moving the country forward.

Am I right?
So, for my stateside friends and occasional readers,  this is who we get to look at and who now represents Canada (exclamation points !!) to the world...Yay.

Yes, this is the adolescent level to which I have sunk,  but the good part is that I am now 'suddenly' interested in politics.

You go, you sexy Canada!

Monday, 2 November 2015

How to Fracture a Family

Hmmmm.  Yes it has been quite awhile since I've posted anything here and not because I haven't tried.  Let me say that as is always true in life, for all of us,  things got complicated.   Hence the title of this post.  But I am not going there or anywhere near 'there' today.  I'll leave it to your imagination as to the why and the how,  but I will say that things have sorted themselves out in the only way possible since they were going in that direction for most of my life.   Shortly after that last post way back in February I headed down south for what turned out to be the end of life for my mother.  Unexpected on so many levels yet not on one big one -- she was 88 years old.   It is a all too common story I now know -- a fall, a break, a surgery to repair said break, pneumonia, heart attack, kidney failure, hospice, the end.   For any of you that know me, you know that talking about this now in what may sound like a glib and matter of fact way is only because the shock and exhaustion of the whole ordeal is tucked behind me.  We all did what we felt we had to do and each and every family member and friend that participated in the weeks leading up to and during, and after this event has come away with their own version.

I lost my mother which is a terrible thing for anyone but death is a part of life obviously.  The other family members who were lost,  were not lost due to death,  but their loss was orchestrated consciously out of some need that remains a mystery to me and may always remain so.   I am beyond any feelings of anger or sadness at their choice to absent themselves from me,  although it is ultimately,  very sad.   Out of respect for all of them I will remain out of their sphere. 

Death definitely brings out the worst in some,  but  the very best in others.     Never more true for me than now,  so holding a grudge is not going to be part of my repertoire.   A choice we all can make or not.
A thousand thanks to those who acted with grace and selflessness and dignity during a difficult and sad time.  You know who you are.   I think the term is 'stepped up to the plate'.   I would not have been able to go it alone. 

                                    ....     life is indeed still good    ...



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Life is Good

This is the view on the morning after the one big snow we got this winter.   
Stunning and so perfect.
A winter wonder land.
Oh, Canada!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Flooring Update-- a little late !

Well the flooring in the new addition is down and has been in since before Christmas but I have been lax on reporting renovation progress....the holiday blues did get the best of me.  The pics are not the best because its kind of hard to get the whole space and so many details are being tended to... like the baseboards.  Stuff like that takes us a whole lot of time but since these photos were taken I can proudly say that 90% of them are attached.  The small length that we couldn't attach is because there is a moisture leak on one of the new(old) reused fixed windows we installed.  We can't do the the re-caulking on it until the temperature warms up -- yes, that frustrates me to no end...I want it done.  Anyway, I will take some better photos as many small details have been completed.  As with any renovation its all in the details! 

Monday, 29 December 2014

holiday blue

From the woods below.

Happy Blue Year to all the cowgirls & cowboys out there.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Look Right, Look Left, Look All Around


Here's the thing about winter in the north.  There seems to be two schools of thought--hate it or love it.  I am talking about those of us who live in it not those of you who live amongst swaying palm trees in balmy temps down south.  My bent is that there is so much beauty in each season and winter is no exception.  You just need to be sure to layer up in order to see it and make sure you don't have cold feet - figuratively.

Once you figure that all out its time to get out there and SEE some stuff.
The mexican dog loves the winter and never seems to get cold.  She'll go on a hike anytime no matter what the temperature or what is falling from the sky -- ice, freezing wet rain or big cottonball snowflakes (the best).
There is nothing like a jaunt in the cold to stir up your emotions and put some colour in your cheeks while listening to the muffled silence of your newly snow covered world.



Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Now at the end of October and all is ready for winter.  I have been working  hard outside for months now and with the help of my  'uber' assistant  who shall be known as Marky-Mark ,  so much  got done.  Many trees were planted -- deciduous, of course, so hopefully in the falls to come there will be even more colour out among the green pines and yellow larches.  

 One big goal was to get the soil weeded,  prepped and ammended in the fenced garden plot and we did it!   Years and years of unmolested wild growth back there took us ( me and M-M )  the entire summer to clear out.    Oh and the rocks!  Can you say "good drainage" ?   

Heck, we even sort of built a road down below one of the rock walls.  There was a space there and it was a usable but just barely....well now it can be driven on and parked on with ease.   

One of the many uses for straw besides strewing straw  everywhere,  is to make a  scarecrow and so we did.     First one ever and a fitting  end to a fine work season.  M-M and I got to yuck it up while stuffing tights and making a shapely 'crow     We named her/him  NicoPiccolo and that is way too long of a story to get into here,  but it fits, eh?

So much more was dug, hauled, planted, terraced and trimmed,   but enough with the boring details.....




Sunday, 26 October 2014


So we got out an wandered for a couple of weeks once again in the Motorhovel.  September is a really good month to hit the roads as the campgrounds are nearly always empty and the weather usually good.  This year was exceptional.  Warmth and sunshine everywhere.  We started by stocking up at Trader Joe's and the stuff lasted us the entire 2 weeks on the road.  Exceptions were made by stopping whenever we saw a farm stand sign to buy fresh produce.  I think once again we dined like royalty even while living in the Hovel.   

I do love the state of  MONTANA.  So many lovely places and cool people.  Although,   I was dismayed  one day when I read some kind of hunting notice tacked up on some bulletin board somewhere that listed all the timeframes for killing so many different kinds of wild animals.  Blow me....but it just isn't necessary....I mean, really, bobcats?  wolves? cougars? wolverines?.   People, people, is NOT a sport.   It put a bit of downer on all the natural beauty that was all around when I thought about wildlife being stalked by 'sportsmen' and (oh so sexy....sportswomen).    Come on and please I am not looking for a debate on 'hunting'....I will not be swayed and neither will you.  I am also aware that this is not just in Montana, but that is where I saw the notice that  got me thinking.     Some of the nicest people I know are 'hunters' and that is so puzzling to me.   But anyway.....
The dog and I took a swim in this pristine lake under the beautiful sky, of  BIG SKY COUNTRY MONTANA....sweet.


Thursday, 4 September 2014


HOME....well I have, with an addict's difficulty,  wrenched myself away from the incidious  F-book for the time being.   I have become somewhat dependent and in love with the instantaneous comments and the 'likes' and just the nice responses to postings,  so I will most likely be slinking back and forth.   Its a classic love/hate disfunctional relationship that is too good a drug to really give up entirely...the delusion being that I can have 'just one' which we all know is the lie we tell ourselves to get what we want, to get what we need.  Oh well.

Okay, here's what I have.  Pictures, not of puppies or kittens although I love both,   but of the making of a small home, an oasis of sorts.    We all should be so lucky (at least I think so)  as to get to make a home to our that pleases us in its use of materials and the lines of design that make us happy and feel cozy.  It is simple & clean & functional & methinks melikes mehome.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

HUGE -- it's the new AWESOME

  I have always disliked the word  'awesome'  as it is currently used  and deliberately avoid using it in my everyday rants & raves.   Recently though, I did (!).   It felt so awful spewing out of my mouth and I wished I could have taken it back,  but, no,  there it was -- out there.  Yuk.  I had called something 'awesome'  that was really just mediocre.    I broke my own record of, well,  never.  Took a perfectly good word and made it into 'groovy' or at least that was what it felt like.    Where had that come from?
 Now  'huge' is a word I feel I can get into.  It encompasses sooooo much and it has girth, which if you know me, you know I love the word 'girth' and everything it insinuates and the accompanying innuendo.  No apologies here for any  of this and the pictures should be considered merely  gratuitous like most movie sex scenes.   You know you're sitting there watching and asking yourself what does that have to do with the story?    Well, nothing, just an excuse to look at pretty things.  So please enjoy these memories from gardens past.